What is a 510 Connector:
A Vaping Guide for Beginners and Advanced Vapers

There are basically two parts to a “Vape Set-Up”: the Atomizer and the Mod – and the 510 Connector connects them together.

How does the 510 Connector get its name?

The 510 connector get its name from the length of the connector and the amount of threads it has for it to make a connection. It runs 5mm long and 5 threads is on the male connection, which is on the atomizer, and the other 5 is on the female connection, which is on the battery or mod.

On all 510 connectors, male or female, you can find three components that work together to ensure a good connection.

Always use atomizers with a protruding positive 510 pin connector to prevent mishandling battery cells which can cause a fire or explosion that can result in health injury or property damage.

If you are new to vaping, there is a good chance you’ve noticed these warnings below vape devices.

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How does the 510 Connector work?

The first component is going to be the small pin in the middle of the 510 connector. The way its secured on any device can vary between press-fit, screw threaded, or spring loaded and its main job is to make the positive connection between the male and female components. The male connection will always have a protruding pin to make a secure circuit, especially with “Hybrid” mods where the female 510 connection does not have a positive pin, making the male positive pin contact with the battery itself. This was done to achieve high discharge rate where advanced users can utilize this feature for competitions.

The next component is something you wouldn’t normally see, the insulator. This small, yet very important, part of the 510 connection keeps the positive and negative separated. What makes it important is if this insulator fails, on a device with no short protection integrated into its chipset, will result in to a hard short which can cause your batteries to vent, or worse burst into flames and explode. This part of the connection is often overlooked due to its size, and that’s you should regularly check this component on every atomizer you own.

The last component, believe it or not, is the actual base and threads of the atomizer. This component not only delivers the negative connection of the whole thread, it also holds down the male and female positive pin together. If the threads were ever to be stripped due to mishandling or misuse, you will lose the connection and your whole set-up will fail to fire.

How to maintain your 510 Connectors?

In order to maintain the 510 connector on both male and female, there are a couple of steps you can take to preserve its life.

The metal components can oxidize and cause a poor connection over time. The best way to combat this is by taking a cue tip or paper towel with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe both threads and pins. E-liquid leaking down the threads is usually the culprit for this oxidization so be careful when refilling your atomizers.

For the insulator for the connector, a simple visual inspection can determine if it’s time to replace it. If it’s dry, cracked, or ripping in any way, it’s towards its life time and should be replaced soon. If it shows signs it has melted at some point, stop using the atomizer till you replace that insulator because if it fails, it can damage your whole set-up.

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