Proposed Legislation Offers Relief For Indiana Vape Businesses Still Reeling From Harsh Regulations


Regulations implemented last year that were responsible for forcing nearly two dozen Indiana vape businesses to close could be undone as lawmakers are now vowing to introduce legislation that would offer relief for the state’s struggling vapor product industry.

Under the regulations it was reaffirmed that all e-liquid products must be manufactured in clean facilities and include childproof packaging, but that in order for a company to produce e-liquid for sale it would first have to be certified by a security firm, according to WTHI-TV, a CBS and FOX affiliate.

Lafayette-based Mulhaupt’s Inc. is that security firm and the only company in the country qualified to operate under the new law, but because it has only approved a handful of e-liquid producers, many existing competitors in Indiana have been shut out, WTHI-TV reports.

Indiana republicans now claim that the burden felt by small businesses following the rollout of the law was not the intention of lawmakers and that change is needed to help support local companies.

The bill being proposed would transfer the job duties of the security firm to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, with the belief that this transfer of authority will create a more business-friendly environment.

To read more on this story and to watch the broadcast, click here for the WTHI-TV coverage.

Marshall Getto

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